Rippletech is a new startup industry that is moving forward with a predominant objective of fulfilling the aspiration of Nepalese people for gaming laptops. We all know that the gaming scene is rapidly growing in Nepal. But the inflated cost and price protectionism policies have made gaming laptops beyond the reach of the general public. Therefore, our primary focus is to build the first premium, and cost-efficient laptops in Nepal. We have devoted countless days to support the first laptop of Nepal. Furthermore, Ripple incorporates all the gamers’ envied features and functionalities and shoving the performance beyond limits.

The astoundingly portable and robust devices from Ripple packs unrivaled performance, excellent security, and powerful battery life. To sort out the issue of heating with gaming laptops, we have dedicated several hours to better the thermal execution of our laptops. Thus, our laptops offer better thermal performance, making them exceedingly swifter than other laptops in the market. The top-notch performance, clean-cut, and present-day chassis supplements the outstanding tastes of business professionals.


As the first laptop manufacturer of Nepal, Rippletech is steadily pledged to build all types of laptops in Nepal itself. Besides, we are always looking forward to giving rise to the cutting-edge revolution. The goal is to not only fulfill the consumer’s necessity but to create a peculiar escapade that everyone would enjoy.


Rippletech is devoted to encouraging Nepalese gamers, by providing premium and cost-efficient laptops and custom build PCs. The efficient supply chain management and the local production of the integrated system significantly reduce the cost of these high-performing laptops.